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Latest Updates-AJAX

  • Sijax 0.3.1
    Sijax 0.3.1
  • Vow 0.4.8
    A library for implementing Promises/A+ in JavaScript
  • RichFaces 4.5.2
    An UI component library for JSF and an advanced framework for easily integrating AJAX capabilities...
  • SignalR 2.2.0
    An ASP.NET library for creating real-time Web tools
  • jQuery-pjaxr 1.2.0
    A jQuery plugin for combining classic AJAX and the newer HTML 5 pushState technologies, resulting ...
  • RSVP.js 3.0.16
    A very complex JavaScript library for working with asynchronous code, implementing the Promises/A+...
  • Async.js 0.9.2
    A stand-alone library and Node.js module for running asynchronous JavaScript code
  • qooxdoo 4.1
    A comprehensive and innovative Ajax JavaScript application framework
  • Include.js
    A JavaScript library for embedding files inside a Web page via a custom < include > tag, loading t...
  • pjax 1.9.4
    A jQuery plugin merging AJAX and HTML 5 pushState technologies
  • Q.js 1.1.2
    A library for dealing with JavaScript promises
  • jQuery ajaxChimp for MailChimp 1.3.0
    A tiny jQuery plugin to enhance your Mailchimp forms and force them to work via AJAX requests, pre...
  • Super Agent 0.21.0
    A tiny JavaScript library for handling HTTP requests, working with client-side (browsers) and serv...
  • Reqwest 1.1.5
    A JavaScript library for managing asynchronous operations, with support ranging from basic AJAX ca...
  • jQuery Mockjax 1.6.1
    A jQuery plugin for building a mocking & stubbing system, a mechanism for simulating AJAX requests...