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Latest Updates-AJAX

  • chain.js 0.1.3
    chain.js 0.1.3
  • Queue.js 1.0.7
    A JavaScript library for loading content in parallel (asynchronously) that works with both client-...
  • Simple AJAX Framework
    A lightweight JavaScript framework for loading new pages or new content on a PHP-based website usi...
  • jQuery Ajaxy 1.6.1
    This jQuery plugin retrieves content and updates a web page via AJAX
  • php-long-polling
    A PHP library that can be used to push data to clients instead of them requesting it from the serv...
  • Ajax Portal 1.0.4 / 2.0.2 alpha 3
    A framework for building AJAX-powered Web applications
  • bootstrap-ajax 0.12.0
    Enable AJAX support in Twitter Bootstrap
  • JSDeferred 0.4.0
    A compact JavaScript library for supporting asynchronous operations in JavaScript, complete with s...
  • Live Query 1.3.6
    A complex jQuery plugin that allows to bind custom actions to elements, even after the page has lo...
  • jQuery safe xdr 0.1.1
    A complex jQuery plugin that can be used to make cross-domain AJAX requests with JavaScript an JSO...
  • Ajaxit
    A little jQuery plugin to help programmers deal easier and faster with AJAX requests and other asy...
  • WNT 1.0
    An advanced jQuery plugin for safely sending data across untrusted domains via the tra...
  • Smoax 0.2.1
    A jQuery plugin for mocking AJAX requests
  • qjax 1.5.2
    An AJAX calls queuing mechanism for the jQuery framework
  • jQuery Async 0.8
    A jQuery plugin for creating AJAX buttons