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Anuko Time Tracker

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Feb 16, 2015
Anuko International Ltd.
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Anuko Time Tracker

by Anuko International Ltd.

The Anuko Time Tracker is written in PHP & MySQL and can easily be installed on any local or online hosting account.

It comes with a semi-automated installation process which will setup a Web-based interface for tracking teams, employees, and other colleagues working on shared tasks and collaborative projects.

Anuko Time Tracker comes with four level of users accounts. The first is the application's admin account, from which teams can be created. The second is the team manager is is responsible for clocking in each member's time and dealing with clients, invoices, reports, and team member accounts. The third and fourth account levels are team co-managers and team members.

Once properly installed, Anuko Time Tracker will help teams keep track of their time spent on each individual project, and each member's own activity.

This information can then be used in billing a client, based on each team member's own billing rate.

Anuko Time Tracker doesn't necessarily require you to work in a team, the application being able to easily track the activity of just one team member also. But it wasn't created for this, so to get the most out of its features it's indicated you use it in a collaborative environment.


OS requirements for Anuko Time Tracker

  • Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
  • Download Anuko Time Tracker

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