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Latest Updates-Authentication

  • Passwordless 1.0.8
    Passwordless 1.0.8
  • Clearance 1.8.0
    A Ruby on Rails user authentication module, a tool to allow users access to various facets and sec...
  • oauth2client 1.4.6
    An open source, lightweight Python library for working with OAuth 2.0, a secure open standard (pro...
  • hello.js 1.4.1
    A JavaScript SDK for working with OAuth secure authentication systems on the client's side, suppor...
  • hybridAuth 2.3.0
    An open-source PHP library for authenticating users against major account providers
  • PHP Login & User Management 3.22
    A PHP & MySQL solution for adding a login and registration system to your application, complete wi...
  • Guardian.js 24
    A JavaScript library implementing an authentication proxy for OAuth requests, supporting both OAut...
  • Apache Oltu 1.0.0
    A port to Java of OAuth, allowing developers to secure their user authentication operations via a ...
  • Bootstrap Login 1.0.0
    A jQuery and Bootstrap plugin for dealing with login forms, complete with support for actual authe...
  • py-oauth2 0.0.10
    A basic Python binding for the OAuth 2.0 specification
  • Steam Login 1.0.1
    A PHP library that can authenticate users via their Steam Community credentials, all via the safe ...
  • oauthlib (Python) 0.7.1
    A Python library for OAuth
  • everyauth 0.4.9
    A powerful social user authentication and authorization system for Node.js, supporting outs of the...
  • SimpleAuth 0.1.5
    An user authentication Python library for Google's App Engine
  • jQuery Facebook Login 1.1.3
    A jQuery plugin for adding a Facebook login system on your site, allowing users to authenticate th...