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Latest Updates-Development Tools

  • PyQt 5.4
    PyQt 5.4
  • Apache Karaf 3.0.3 / 4.0.0.M1
    An OSGi runtime for deploying your Java applications and components, with support for logging, mul...
  • Bundler 1.7.12
    A package and dependency manager for Ruby projects, created to work with tools like RubyGems, auto...
  • Liquid 3.0.1
    A Ruby-based templating engine
  • WireBox 2.0.0
    A complex dependency injection and AOP framework for ColdFusion, one of the base modules of the Co...
  • Spring Tool Suite 3.6.3.SR1
    A collection of enterprise Java, Spring, Groovy, and Grails based development technologies, simpli...
  • Spring Batch 3.0.3
    A lightweight yet comprehensive Java framework utilized in creating batch applications for automat...
  • Spring Integration 4.1.2
    A powerful Java library for extending the Spring Java framework programming model with well-known ...
  • Rails Assets
    A powerful library that finally brings advanced assets management for the Ruby on Rails MVC framew...
  • ZenWeb 3.7.1
    A set of classes/tools for organizing and formatting a website
  • PycURL
    A lightweight and pretty accurate Python interface to the famous libcurl, a free and easy-to-use c...
  • Data-Report.NET
    Data-Report.NET is a powerful reporting component designed for Visual Studio .NET.
  • SIP 4.16.5
    A tool for creating Python bindings for C and/or C++ libraries
  • Apache DeltaSpike 1.2.1
    A small collection of portable Java CDI extensions for implementing a basic IoC layer for your Jav...
  • Capifony 2.8.3
    A simple Ruby script for easily deploying Symfony projects with the help of the famous Capistrano ...