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Latest Updates-E-Commerce

  • java-akismet 0.1.6
    java-akismet 0.1.6
  • Satchless 1.1.3
    An e-commerce framework built on top of Django
  • tabsLite 1.0.0
    This is a jQuery plugin for creating tab panel sliders
  • jQuery Box Lid 0.1.3
    A jQuery plugin that can show a sidebar which when hovered expands into a panel where HTML content...
  • textareaCounter 1.0
    A jQuery textarea word countdown widget
  • jQuery Shuffle
    A jQuery plugin for shuffling the order of an item collection
  • SmartOptimizer v1.8
    This is a PHP script for optimizing source code
  • .toggleType 1.0
    This is a jQuery plugin for changing an input's type in real-time
  • PHP-Simple-Daemon .1
    This is a script to run PHP as a daemon on POSIX systems
  • JSONSharp 1.1
    This is a C# library for generating JSON data strings
  • ProtoLayout
    This is a Prototype plugin for creating fluid layout arrangements
  • ExPromo
    This is a jQuery plugin for creating content sliders / image slideshows
  • GetTableSpace
    This Ms-SQL stored procedure returns the size of a database table
  • jQuery-rotate 1.1
    This library is an extension for jQuery to rotate images directly within JavaScript code
  • Gliint 5 beta 1
    This is an implicit invocation MVC framework built in ColdFusion