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Latest Updates-File Management

  • lzma.js
  • PhpFtp 1.0.0
    This is a PHP library for working with FTP operations
  • MP4Info 0.3.3
    This is a Ruby library providing read access to MP4 tags
  • pdf-wrapper 0.4.5
    This is a Ruby library for generating PDF files
  • pyftpsync 0.2.1
    A lightweight Python script to synchronize the content of multiple folders with each other over In...
  • PHPfileNavigator 2.3.3
    PHPfileNavigator is an open source code and free application to do a complete management of yours ...
  • Preflight 0.3.0
    A Ruby library that checks if PDF files comply to various standards
  • pdf-reader 1.3.3
    A Ruby library for reading PDF files
  • PhpIndex 1.0.0
    A PHP disk file browsing utility
  • CKFinder 2.3
    This is a powerful and easy to use Ajax file manager for web browsers
  • ianFileStream v0.1
    This is a PHP utility for modifying files in real-time
  • Hard Drive Browser
    Hard Drive Browser script provides quick access to your entire hard drive, including A, B, C, D, a...
  • PubliForge 0.6
    This is a Python platform for online multimedia publishing
  • elFinder 2.0 RC1
    A visual interface for browsing directory structures on the Web, coded in PHP & jQuery and inspire...
  • dhtmlxFolders 2.5
    This JavaScript snippet can display various number of objects which have the same data structure a...