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Latest Updates-Forms and Controls

  • Mason.js 2.0.0
    Mason.js 2.0.0
  • jQuery Mask Plugin 1.11.3
    A jQuery plugin that will force users to enter form data in a specified format
  • jQOSK
    A jQuery plugin to produce an on-screen keyboard
  • range.css 0.2
    A Web app for generating the CSS code needed to customize an HTML5 range input slider, complete wi...
  • At.js 1.0.1
    A jQuery plugin for implementing a feature similar to the Twitter mentions system, all powered via...
  • Formoid 2.9.7
    A fully-featured jQuery plugin for putting Web forms together, a powerful tool for advanced form p...
  • 0.9.23
    An AngularJS plugin for supporting a mentions system just like the one you've seen on Twitter, sho...
  • jQuery.filer 1.0
    A jQuery plugin for improving the file uploading process by adding some cool features to the file ...
  • Bootstrap File Input 4.1.6
    A jQuery plugin that converts a classic file input field into an advanced file picker interface, c...
  • Dependent Dropdown 1.4.0
    A jQuery plugin for creating multi-level, interconnected dropdown select lists that will dynamical...
  • DropKick 2.1.0
    This is a jQuery plugin for creating highly customizable drop-down select lists
  • jQuery Password Strength Checker 1.0.7
    A jQuery plugin to calculate the strength of a password string
  • Selection.js 1.0.0
    A JavaScript library for manipulating text selections
  • Notific8 1.7.0
    A jQuery plugin for showing Windows 8-like notifications
  • jQuery Growl 1.2.5
    A jQuery plugin to show Growl-like notification messages, giving users instant feedback for any ac...