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Latest Updates-Games

  • chessboard.js 0.3.0
    chessboard.js 0.3.0
  • J5G3 1.0.0
    This is a game engine for developing JavaScript-based browser games
  • GameJs 2.0.2
    This is a JavaScript gaming engine
  • Dominus
    A real-time multiplayer strategy game that you can play in your browser, coded entirely in JavaScr...
  • CSS Blockout
    A Tetris-like game in 3D
  • Q-Ladder 1.0 beta (21.1.2014)
    A commercially licensed PHP CMS for managing online gaming tournaments, ladders and various other ...
  • 2048
    A very addictive numbers game for your browser, a JavaScript-based clone of the famous 1024 and TH...
  • Flambe 4.1.0
    A powerful HaXe engine for developing HTML5 and Flash browser games, supporting both the singlepla...
  • jQuery.snakey 0.1b
    This is a small JavaScript and jQuery-driven game built after the classical "Snake (Nibles)" game
  • VSP Stats 0.475
    This is a game statistics tracker written in PHP and MySQL
  • PHP RCon 2.0
    A PHP script that provides a visual interface for managing RCON-capable gaming servers, allowing p...
  • Blockrain.js 0.1.0
    A Web version of the famous Tetris building game, implemented solely with HTML5, JavaScript and CS...
  • BC2Conn 1.06_RC3
    A PHP class for building administration interfaces for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gaming servers, ...
  • BF3Conn 0.91 Beta
    A PHP class for building administration interfaces for Battlefield 3 gaming servers, allowing admi...
  • Sudoku Solver 0.3.1
    A free Web-based widget that will help you solve Sudoku game boards, either one small step at a ti...