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Latest Updates-Graphics and Multimedia

  • Raphael SVG Import 0.0.4
    Raphael SVG Import 0.0.4
  • Flat Shadow 1
    A lightweight jQuery plugin that can add depth to flat UI designs via fading shadows, with realist...
  • jQuery Canvas Overlay 0.2.0
    A jQuery plugin to mask and cutout a portion of the page
  • hqx.js
    A JavaScript library for resizing pixel art using the hqx algorithm, a library ideal for using wit...
  • Canvas Background
    A jQuery plugin to change the background of the page while the user is scrolling
  • True Color Darkening and Lightening
    True Color Darkening and Lightening script will brighten or darken colors, preserving the true col...
  • Canvas progressBar 1.1.0
    This is a JavaScript tool for creating canvas-driven progress bar animations
  • Flash Media Player 4.0.0
    Flash Media Player makes it possible to play both music and video files in your website.
  • iPhone Interface in JavaScript
    iPhone Interface in JavaScript simulates the interface of an iPhone.
  • flash Timer
    flash Timer script is a timer made in flash.
  • Flash pageflip
    Flash pageflip script allows you to create a digital magazine.
  • tracking.js 1.1.0
    A complex JavaScript library for converting movements acquired from a video feed to actions and in...
  • two.js 0.4.0
    A JavaScript library for rendering 2D graphics
  • Line.js
    A jQuery plugin for creating cool box-based hover effects, animating an element's border at a slow...
  • gif.js 0.1.6
    A JavaScript GIF encoder