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Latest Software Updates

  • TheHostingTool 1.2.6
    TheHostingTool 1.2.6
  • Ep-Dev Whois 2.31
    A PHP-based Whois script
  • gimme 0.2.1
    A JavaScript library to detect domain name and/or Twitter username availability, helping businessm...
  • validio
    A Python library for checking a list of words to see if they are registered as .io Web domain name...
  • Migrate 0.0.4
    A simple PHP script to help webmasters make the proper changes to a WordPress database when migrat...
  • Backup WHM To Amazon S3 1.4
    A simple script that will perform daily backups for WHM and cPanel hosting profiles to an Amazon S...
  • TCAdmin / 1.0
    This is a server tool for running a game hosting provider
  • PHP Nameserver Lookup 1.0
    An open source PHP script for looking up a domain name's IP address, or the other way around, look...
  • KubeWhois 1.0.0
    KubeWhois let users check whether a domain is available for registration or not.
  • Hostkit 1.0
    A Web hosting administration panel that will enable ISPs and other companies to put various websit...
  • FunkWhois 1.6
    A lightweight PHP-based whois domain lookup script, a simple tool to help webmasters in discoverin...
  • Softaculous 4.6.1
    A scripts auto-installer for web hosting accounts
  • Softbiz Web Hosting Directory Script [DISCOUNT: 10% OFF!]
    A commercial PHP & MySQL script for running a website where users can share, comment, and review W...
  • Under Construction Builder
    This PHP application provides an easy "under construction" page that will display a countdown time...
  • Destiney Topsites 1.4.0
    Destiney Topsites allows you to install and use a traffic gathering topsites application.
  • JasperReports 6.0.3
    A powerful open source Java reporting tool
  • HatchShow
    A lightweight jQuery plugin for displaying text in big, beautiful, eye-catching headlines, perfect...
  • Jed 1.1.0
    A JavaScript library for supporting Gettext features
  • OfficeWriter
    OfficeWriter generates fully-functional Excel spreadsheets and Word documents over the Web
  • Random Text Script
    Random Text script is a simple script that randomly selects a text and shows it.