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Latest Software Updates

  • ptools 1.3.1
    ptools 1.3.1
  • IO-extra 1.2.8
    This Ruby input/output library provides a few extra IO methods
  • Haste 0.1.0
    A Node.js application for running a Pastebin clone on your own server, easily adding and sharing t...
  • Phastebin
    A Pastebin PHP clone, a Web-based application for adding and sharing text and code snippets with y...
  • Rocketbin 0.1.3
    A Python Web app for running a simplified Pastebin clone on your server, adding and sharing text a...
  • winDim v2.0.1
    This is a JavaScript snippet to get the size of the user's browser window
  • Show & Hide HTML
    Show & Hide HTML makes this markup show and hide.
  • Auto Refresh Pages while Coding
    Auto Refresh Pages while Coding script allows you to refresh local pages while coding.
  • StringSearch 2
    StringSearch provides a high-performance pattern matching algorithms in Java
  • Dynamic Page Titles
    This JavaScript tool allows developers to set the title of a page on the fly
  • pageDim v1.0
    This is a JavaScript snippet to get the width and height of the web page
  • CSS Sticky Footer
    This is a CSS hack to create website footers that stick to the browser's bottom margin based on th...
    This PHP script exports a SVN repository and creates a GZIP'd TAR (tgz) file for download
  • Javascript Terminal Client
    This is a JavaScript terminal client
  • MatrixView 1.0.3
    This is a JavaScript library for adding keyboard and mouse selection capabilities to HTML lists
  • Load a cross-server javascript dynamically
    This is a JavaScript snippet to load a cross-server JavaScript file dynamically
  • SilverlightLocalization
    This is a project to localize Silverlight applications the smart way
  • Pinba 1.1.0
    An usage statistics package for PHP, logging various statistics about how the server is being used
  • Harp 0.15.2
    A Web server for the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform, specifically created for automatical...
  • IISpeed 1.1.7 / 2.0 Beta 1
    A Microsoft IIS server module for improving page loading times and overall site performance via Go...