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Latest Software Updates

  • Alerta 4.0.9
    Alerta 4.0.9
  • Prometheus 0.10.0
    A service monitoring system written in Go and developed at SoundCloud, also working as an advanced...
  • Apache Tomcat 8.0.17 / 7.0.59 / 6.0.43
    An open source Web server for running Java Web software, implementing the official Java Servlet an...
  • Sentry 7.2.0
    A Python-based service for real-time event logging and aggregation
  • Apache Spark 1.2.1
    A cluster computing system for fast data analysis
  • Windows Azure SDK for Node.js 0.10.4
    A SDK for developing Node.js-based apps and websites that run on Windows Azure, a cloud computing...
  • Windows Azure SDK for .NET 2015-02-11T16-37
    A SDK for developing .NET-based apps and websites that run on Windows Azure, a cloud computing pl...
  • Superstatic 2.1.0
    A Node.js-based Web server created specifically for hosting static files, successfully used in pro...
  • RFuse 1.1.0
    A library to write userspace filesystems in Ruby
  • localtunnel 3
    A Go tool for broadcasting a localhost server on the Internet
  • God 0.13.5
    A powerful process monitoring framework written in Ruby, watching over daemons, processes, service...
  • Apache Knox 0.5.1
    A Java library implementing a simple gateway system for Apache Hadoop clusters, creating a single ...
  • phpSysInfo 3.2.0 / 2.5.4
    A customizable PHP Script that parses, processes, and formats general system information
  • Site Status Script
    A PHP script that checks for open ports and reports on the status of various services for a list o...
  • jWebSocket 1.0 RC3
    This is an open source Java an JavaScript solution for developing real-time web applications
  • httpster 1.0.1
    A static local server system built on top of Node.js
  • Hystrix 1.3.20 / 1.4.0-RC6
    A Java library from Netflix to help with latency and fault tolerance
  • CacheBox 2.0.0
    An enterprise-ready ColdFusion caching engine and cache aggregator, one of the base modules of the...
  • LogBox 2.0.0
    An open source, versatile, enterprise-ready ColdFusion logging library, one of the base modules of...
  • XCache 3.2.0
    A caching system for accelerating PHP performance