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Latest Updates-Internet, Browsers and Tools

  • PHProxy 0.5b2
    PHProxy 0.5b2
  • Ajax Loader
    Ajax Loader script allows you to load XML and HTML files with XMLHTTPREQUEST.
  • HarvestMan 1.4.6
    This is a web crawler application written in the Python programming language
  • JS-Loader 1.7
    This is a JS script to view a progress bar while the page is loading
  • Flesk.ViewStateOptimizer 2.4.3300 / 2.4.8000
    This is an unique technology that overrides sending ViewState object to a client's browser
  • Internet Explorer Bars
    Internet Explorer Bars script allows you to develop bars for internet explorer.
  • Browser Automation tool 3.0
    This is a tool to automate the browser via shellwindows
  • Browser Properties
    Browser Properties javascript provides informations about the web browser you are using.
  • Screen Details
    Screen Details script shows visitors several interesting details about their screen.
  • Frame Navigation
    Frame Navigation script allows you to change the location of a frame only by a click of a button.
  • OpenLaszlo Rails Plugin 0.9
    A Rails plugin for integrating OpenLaszlo on the client with Rails on the server
  • htaccess Login
    htaccess Login script allows you to have a login box embedded in your web page for pages that norm...
  • Determine Window Size
    Determine Window Size script allows you to determine the size of an open window.
  • Close Window
    Close Window script allows you to close a window after a certain number of seconds of being open.
  • Customized Popup
    Customized Popup allows your visitors to have a popup page on your site appear exactly as they want.