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Latest Updates-PHP Classes

  • TCPDF 6.2.6
    TCPDF 6.2.6
  • TagCloud-a-like script 1.1
    This is an easy to configure tag-cloud script that will randomize the display of links
  • Form generation class 1.0
    This PHP class can be used to compose and generate HTML forms programmatically
  • sXml
    A lightweight PHP class for quickly generating XML documents, with support for the custom data and...
  • IMDBPHP 2.4.1
    A PHP class that fakes an API for website
  • mPDF 6.0
    A PHP class for rendering HTML content as PDF output
  • Watimage 1.0.0
    A PHP class for watermarking images
  • CSource 1.0.1
    A PHP class for displaying source code inside a Web page, complete with a syntax highlighting them...
  • PHP User class
    A lightweight PHP class that can manage basic user administration tasks like registration, authent...
  • Faker
    This is a collection of PHP classes for generating fake content
  • Spherical Geometry PHP Library 1.1.1
    This is a PHP class for rendering geometric data on the surface of the Earth
  • StormTwitter 2.1.3
    A PHP class for interacting with Twitter
  • Zebra_Form 2.9.5
    A PHP class for creating and validating beautiful, secure, and functional HTML forms, with the hel...
  • Standalone PHPEnkoder 1.0.0
    A PHP class to encode email addresses and hide them from spambots, protecting your email inbox fro...
  • array-to-csv
    A PHP class for converting a PHP array into a CSV data structure, ideal for exporting the content ...