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RoomBooking 1.1

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Feb 16, 2015
Tom King
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RoomBooking 1.1

by Tom King

RoomBooking is not specifically geared toward hotels, doctor cabinets, nor hair saloons. It was coded right from the start to deal with agnostic business types, managing "events" at specified "locations", at specified "times".

There's no extra fields for entering commercial plans, room types or preferred employee. Just for entering the above details and an extra field for adding a small text-based description.

This way RoomBooking (also referred in the documentation and demo as Room Booking System) can be used for any type of online activity that needs to allow users to select the time and place of their events or meetings.

And in case you don't want to allow your users to make reservations, than RoomBooking can be used as an event administration toolkit, managed only by admins or selected editors.

For these cases RoomBooking provides a way to display your event timeline without letting anyone else interact with it.

RoomBooking is basically a ColdFusion backend for jQuery FullCalendar timeline and event calendar UI plugin.


OS requirements for RoomBooking 1.1:

  • Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS
  • Download RoomBooking 1.1

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