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Latest Updates-Security Systems

  • node.bcrypt.js 0.8.1
    node.bcrypt.js 0.8.1
  • simple-crypt 4.0.0
    A Python module for data encryption
  • xkcdpass 1.2.5
    A Python library for generating passwords the XKCD-way, outputting common words at random and crea...
  • pidCrypt 0.06
    This is an encryption library offering modular cryptographic functions in JavaScript
  • Imageless Captcha
    A library available for PHP and JavaScript, capable of producing number-based CAPTCHA systems for ...
  • PicketLink 2.6.1 / 2.7.0.CR3
    A large collection of open source tools for improving safety habits in Java Web development, with ...
  • php-clamav 0.15.8
    This is a PHP 5 script for interfacing with the ClamAV antivirus API
  • .net Validation Framework Beta
    .net Validation Framework - Use .NET attributes to provide validation for your strongly typed busi...
  • Spring Security 3.2.5 / 4.0.0.RC1
    A Java framework for providing powerful and flexible security solutions in enterprise applications...
  • JSEncrypt 2.1.0
    A JavaScript library for supporting OpenSSL RSA encryption, decryption, and key generation right i...
  • python-gnupg 1.4.0
    A Python module to allow programmers to work with GnuPG (GPG) encryption keys and its additional f...
  • MySQL AUDIT Plugin 1.0.7
    A MySQL plugin for performing security audits, a must-have tool to ensure MySQL databases are prot...
  • LZW Async 0.1.3
    A pretty powerful and asynchronous JavaScript implementation of the LZW compression algorithm, an ...
  • jCryption 3.1.0
    A JavaScript HTML-Form encryption plugin
  • CSRF Protector 0.1.0
    A PHP library and Apache module for protecting sites against CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) att...