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Latest Updates-Text Management

  • PDF-Writer.NET
  • PHP Manual Creator 1.0
    PHP Manual Creator allows you to create and manage manuals for any product.
  • TypeButter 1.3
    A jQuery plugin that fixes optical kerning for text on the Web, producing typographic layouts to r...
  • LaMark 0.2.1
    A Python library for embedding LaTeX syntax inside Markdown
  • Tartan Text Parser 0.2.1
    A text parsing engine written in Ruby
  • Filler Text on Demand
    Filler Text on Demand script generates text content for your webpages.
  • Hatin.js
    This JavaScript library analyzes text strings for positive or negative feedback
  • PHP UTF-8 0.5
    This is an UTF-8 aware library of functions mirroring PHP's own string functions
  • Random Text Script
    Random Text script is a simple script that randomly selects a text and shows it.
  • OfficeWriter
    OfficeWriter generates fully-functional Excel spreadsheets and Word documents over the Web
  • Jed 1.1.0
    A JavaScript library for supporting Gettext features
  • HatchShow
    A lightweight jQuery plugin for displaying text in big, beautiful, eye-catching headlines, perfect...
  • JasperReports 6.0.3
    A powerful open source Java reporting tool
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